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Our vision is to be a leading high-quality imported food distributor with a focus on building sustainable and strong relationships with customers through the implementation of our core values: premium quality products, exceptional customer service and deep customer satisfaction.

Since inception at 1982, Lucky Frozen has been the leading purveyor of frozen, chilled and ambient products in Malaysia. We are constantly innovating and expanding our portfolio to stay relevant and relatable to food landscape and social causes. Our portfolio holds some of the world's renowned food brands. We are deeply passionate about food and its our desire to bring in the highest quality ingredients from all around the world to the plates of each household.


We consistently apply rigorous standards when sourcing our products. Our products are sourced only from trusted, fully accredited, and halal-certified suppliers who share the same values as we do.
In a diverse and dynamic market, we are always innovating to provide the
best to our customers and ensuring consistency of all food products!
We value investing in long term symbiotic relationships with both our customers and suppliers. We strive to  collaborate with customers to grow their businesses by bringing innovative food concepts onto consumers.
We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we
have stringent process to weed out inappropriate practices. All our products are Halal certified and all our facilities are HACCP compliant.
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